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Coated gracefully in pine, cypress trees and Mediterranean shrub while surrounded by a peacock colored sea, Badija is the most impressive islet in the Korčula archipelago.

Containing family-friendly places to swim, impressive 15th century Renaissance architecture and one of the best views of the whole archipelago, visitors can easily spend a whole day here exploring, swimming and relaxing. There are even forty-three tame deer to keep you company!

Badija island, Korcula archipelago

Settled initially by monks who sought its secluded nature for spiritual sanctity, the island has developed numerous elements of a self-contained entity that has left behind useful facilities such as a large quay, mini-golf and a pleasant hiking path.

For art and architecture fans, the late Gothic monastery from the 15th century and the newly opened art gallery make it a great place to get in touch with this region’s creativity.

Together with the large amount of sunlight that it receives as a result of its southern position, Badija is one of the most delightful islands to visit in the Korčula archipelago and is rightfully a favorite place for locals to spend their leisure time.

When to Go

  • Between April and October
  • End of July is the annual ‘Dan Kanjaca’ a local festival with music and grilled food on the island
  • 2 August is the annual procession of Gospa od Otoka (Our Lady of the Island)

How Long Should You Visit?

A day trip should be enough, although visiting the island of several occasions will give you an opportunity to explore it in more details.

Best Things to do on Badija

  • Take a swim at the beach on the back of the island facing the Pelješac Peninsula
  • Cycle or walk around the whole island along the 5 km long path.
  • Explore the newly opened art gallery on the island featuring local art.
  • Hike to the ruins of the 16th-century church of St Catherine on top of the hill for splendid views of the Korčula archipelago.
  • Visit the 15th-century Franciscan monastery’s late Gothic cloisters.
  • See the annual procession Our Lady of the Island (Gospa od Otoka) on 2 August
  • Watch the sunset from the restaurant
  • See the deers in the forest

History of Badija

Badija was one of the two places around the island of Korčula where prehistoric remains have been found, as testified by the discovery of stone knives from the palaeolithic era. They can be seen today in the Korčula city museum. – read more about the history

Franciscan Monastery and Church

The 15th century saw a boom in construction in Korčula and its environs that included also Badija. – read more about the monastery and church

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Other parts of the island containing ecclesiastical features include a recently reconstructed way of the cross that was a tourist attraction in the belle epoque era.

Waterfront, Beach and Swimming Opportunities

Coming back down from St Catherine’s to the seafront, walking along the quayside, there are places available for a picnic, a mini-golf area as well as several areas for ball sports.

The area is shaded by the numerous trees and is a lovely place to spend some time relaxing after a hike or a swim. By the quay, there are showers and deckchairs to hire.

The place is popular with day-trippers, locals and tourists due to its proximity to Korcula Old Town and its numerous facilities that are unavailable on many of the other islands in the archipelago.

Further on, opposite the three colorful signal buoys marking shallow water, there is a restaurant.

Walking another ten minutes along the path beyond the restaurant, there is a nice beach with a view of the small island of Lučnjak. Walking further around the island there are some smooth outposts on rocks where it is possible to swim and sunbathe.

Where to Stay

Soline, the settlement across Badija offers the closest accommodation to the island. Most places offer a boat to hire or will arrange transport. If you stay there, you will enjoy uninterrupted views over the island, waking up to breathtaking sunrises.

Where to Eat

There is one restaurant on the island that offers basic meals and drinks on the seafront terrace. For an alternative, take plenty of water and a picnic.

Getting to Badija


Map of Badija and its surroundings
Map of Badija and its surroundings

more info: the island’s homepage badija.com