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Kayaking Korcula Island

The island of Korcula is a great place to try sea kayaking. It offers the widest range of sea environments to enjoy.

There are plenty of interesting beaches, bays, sheltered harbors, and islets to kayak to. Some are further away while other places are on easy paddling distance from beaches and villages. Around here you can have fun paddling under small cliffs, visiting a couple of sea caves, small islets, and sheltered beaches and bays.

Kayaking in Korcula archipelago
Kayaking in Korcula archipelago

Kayaking can be as serene or extreme as you like, and Korcula is the perfect place to take to the water, with everything from gentle to more energetic experience.

Photo: Kayaking along the shores of Vrnik islet in the Island’s archipelago

Places to kayak on the island

My favourite place to kayak on the island is the archipelago of small islets in the near vicinity of Korcula and its Old Town. The archipelago is locally called “skoji” (pronounced ‘shkoyee’) and is a very popular half-day or full-day destination among visitors of  Orebic, Lumbarda, and the Korcula Town.

If you are staying in any other place along the Island there are also good kayaking routes to choose from. Just ask in a local travel agency or you host to recommend you a route that is suitable for your ability.

Family kayaking

Family kayaking is also popular in the area, where you can often see several kayaks sailing along the shores carrying adults and children and sometimes even pets!  Most of the people who are into family kayaking bring their own vessel on the island while some just rent the vessels in the local agencies.

Regarding renting a large kayak – I personally did not see large kayaks that are offered for rent, however, families usually rent two of two-seater vessels to accommodate let’s say four of their family members.

Hiring a kayak in Korcula

You can hire (rent) kayaks in numerous places around the Island on several beaches and swimming / sunbathing areas.

Popular Routes: Split to Korcula, Korcula to Split, Dubrovnik to Korcula, Korcula to Dubrovnik

The easiest way to spot the kayak rental place is to take a walk around your nearest beach and check if anything is on the offer.

Check all corners of the beach as sometimes kayaks are stored on a small shelf in the corner that is not so easily visible from all spots on the beach.

kayaks hidden in the shady corner of the local beach

Photo: kayaks hidden in the shady corner of the local beach

If you are planning your visit to the island during the high of the tourist season,  I would suggest renting your kayak well in advance as they tend to get sold out easily. You can try to contact local renting places via an online channel or get in touch with me to arrange in advance the kayak rental for you. If you need my help with this let me know here.

Kayaking tours

A booking kayaking tour is a good option for beginners or people who are not so confident in kayaking or in general sea orientation. I would suggest booking your tour if you are in doubt. Paddling on your own on the sea is not always a good idea especially if the weather is not stable and waves are higher than usual.

Kayaking tour guides are experienced with all aspects of the activity enabling you to enjoy your paddling without any potential dangers. Local instructors are knowledgeable and informative making it a relaxing experience for people with all abilities.

The tours provide experienced coaches/guides that will provide all equipment so all you have to do is turn up with a swimming kit, hat, sunglasses, shirt, sunblock, and trainers. They are competent and safe which helps everyone in the group to enjoy the experience.

If you would like to take a guided kayaking tour, there are several places to book one on the island. You can book your tour in Korcula Town, Vela Luka, and Lumbarda.

If you need help with booking your tour, just let me know and I can guide you in the right direction. (contact me)

Kayaking in the calm waters

Photo: Kayaking in the calm waters

Some advice and to conclude:

  • Bear in mind that although the paddling in a kayak is very enjoyable, it’s quite a workout on the upper body so those that are not very fit may find it a bit difficult especially on longer distances. and/or on rough seas.
  • Avoid taking any risks on the sea. That includes planning your paddling trip for days when the sea is preferably calm and to avoid the strong winds on the open sea. For days with a strong wind, stay in the bays and avoid the open seas altogether.
  • Stay away from the midday sun in July and August. Due to the sun rays reflections, being on the sea is much hotter than usual so always take a hat, sunglasses and wear strong sunblock.