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One of the most beautiful villages on the island of Korcula is Lumbarda, a small village situated near the top Eastern edge of the island just 4 km away from the Korcula’s Old Town.

The village benefits of the location on the north, as well as the south side of the island.

It means that from Lumbarda you can easily access both coastlines. They are just there, on the easy walking distance from any part of the village. That is particularly handy for windy periods so let’s say if you try to avoid windy beach all you have to do is just to walk on the other side of the village. And vice – versa if you are into some wind activity, like sailing, kitesurfing or windsurfing, you can basically find windy location almost any time you wish.

Lumbarda also overviews local archipelago [photo below] which adds to the dynamic of the views from almost any part of the village.

Photo: Village detail with vineyards, Peljesac channel and local archipelago in the background


The village is also well known for its several sandy beaches that include Prvi Zal, Tatinja, Bilin Zal and Vela Przina. These beaches are ideal for children, therefore, it is a popular place to spend summer holidays among young families from all over the world.

It is also one of the oldest settlement on the island (see info about building and the development of the village). Legend saying that this location was a prehistoric settlement from the era of Ancient Greece. Some ancient stone monuments (Psephism) are on display in the village as a proof that this is not just a legend.

Village with lovely houses clustered around the bay

Where to stay:

Lumbarda offers a range of houses and flats to rent for any length of the period. Most of the houses have sea views and are all on walking distance from the local beaches, restaurants, cafes and transport facilities.

Photo: bay of Lumbarda with Vrnik and Badija islets in the background

Photo: Sailing boats in the local marina in Lumbarda

Local marina:

The village has its own small boat marina where you can moor your sailing or motor boat for safe anchorage too. You can also hire a boat there (link)


Well known for its vineyards and wine production and being a home of the Grk wine the village is very popular among wine lovers for wine tasting trips and walks along the vineyards.

Except wine tasting and beach life, activities in the village include sailing, kayaking, boat cruising, hiking, and cycling just to mention a few.

For more info about the village, how to get there and what to do in the village and all other details about Lumbarda visit its homepage.