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Walk or cycle to Raznjic near Lumbarda

If you are staying in Korcula Town, Lumbarda, Zrnovo, or other nearby places on the eastern side of the Island, walking or cycling to Raznjic is a great way to explore some wilder areas of the island. It is on easy walking as well as cycling (mountain biking) distance from any of these villages, especially from Lumbarda.

Walking there will take you just about 40 minutes from Lumbarda’s Vela Przina or Bilin Zal beaches while cycling there will take you about 20 minutes.

Views over archipelago from the walking/cycling route
Photo: Views over archipelago from the walking/cycling route

Once you pass vineyards of Lumbarda and approach the road to Raznjic, keep walking/cycling along the main route turning left (along with the coast) and avoid any turns further off the route. The road is tarmac, wide enough for cars, mostly straight with some mild elevations on several points.

Photo: Road to Raznjic

Lush vegetation around the path and numerous mature pine trees make this walk/cycle pleasant even in the hottest periods.

After about 40 minutes you will come to the elevated point from where you can see this:

Photo: Horn of Raznjic
Photo: Horn of Raznjic

This is the eastern end of the Island. On the right side (south) is Korcula channel while on the left (north) is the Peljesac channel. Right behind these pine trees is a small lighthouse. This area is a fantastic place for fishing (angling), snorkeling, diving or swimming. Seawater is absolutely clean and transparent with an abundance of the underwater creatures and algae.

If you are cycling, you can park (lock) your bike right on the plateau above the coastline. Leave your bike there and explore the area.

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Cyclist exploring Raznjic's rocky coast
Cyclist exploring Raznjic’s rocky coast

The best time to visit this amazing place is on the cooler and calm days to avoid the strong sunshine as the whole area is very exposed to all elements. If you are visiting on a hot day take some shade with you (parasol or beach shelter) or find a place in the shade of pine trees to keep safe from the sunburns. Avoid visits when thunderstorms are expected.

Group of cyclists enjoying the views
Photo: Group of cyclists enjoying the views


This map shows a basic route to the very top of the Island

Video of Raznjic

I took this video on a cloudy day on my recent visit to Raznjic in late September when temperatures were bit cooler, perfect for a pleasant afternoon walk.

You can also get here by small motorboat or kayak if you wish. Just make sure the weather is fine and the sea is not rough!