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Things to do in Korcula Island

Korcula is one of the places and islands in Croatia that visitors to the country cannot get enough of. There is a lot to do on this island. Here we share things you really should add to your list. Whether you have just one, two, or more days available, here is a list of the must-see sights and fun things to do on the island.

Sightseeing in Korcula Old Town
Sightseeing and walking tour of Korcula Old Town

Unmissable attractions on the island of Korcula:

Beach life on the island of Korcula
Beach life on the island of Korcula

Korcula island is a must-have experience in Croatia. If you want to see some truly spectacular scenery, experience some open water swimming in unspoiled nature, explore amazing historical towns and cute and sleepy villages, then you must come here. You will be amazed at the beauty of this island.

Here is a list of the best top things to do on the island:

  1. Korcula Old Town with its medieval walls, forts, historic buildings, palaces and squares including visiting St Mark’s Cathedral.
  2. Lumbarda village for its sandy beaches and great white wine
  3. Defora bays for its unspoiled nature and some secluded beaches
  4. Vrnik island featuring a peaceful village and deserted stone quarries
  5. Korcula archipelago with its islets and most beautiful Franciscan monastery on Badija island.
  6. Epic Sunsets from old towns western pier and from the grounds of St Nikola’s Church.
Enjoying the sunset on Korcula island
Enjoying the sunset on Korcula island

Must-Have Experiences on Korcula:

Badija near Korcula island
Badija near Korcula island
  • Badija Church and Franciscan Monastery

    The 15th century saw a boom in construction in Korčula and its environs that included also Badija. The Cloister By 1477, the stylishly simple Gothic cloister was completed which is still visible today. As you arrive on the jetty closest to the town of Korčula and walk towards the monastery, …
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  • Binocular Views from Korcula hills

    You are headed to Korcula, one of Croatia’s most dazzling islands where you can catch amazing views of the surrounding archipelagos and seascapes. Make the most of your holiday by hiking to surrounding hills, exploring historic landmarks in the island’s towns and villages and learning about the area’s rich history …
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  • Kocje

    Kočje nature park (pronounced “ko-chye”) covers the area of about 10 acres that includes unusual large rock formations. This protected area is home to a narrow canyon with some unexpected features such as dolomitic rocks, cave, moss and small spring. Situated in the vicinity of the village of Žrnovo, Kočje …
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  • Lastovo

    Lastovo island has all the basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate dominated by mild, moist winters and warm, long and dry summers. The average annual temperature of the island is about 15 C, while the average annual rainfall is 687 mm. The air moisture of the island is 70% only …
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  • Agrotourism Konopica

    Seoski turizam – ugostiteljstvo – Agrotourism Konopica – homemade dishes Vl. Ivan Tomić, Čara – Korčula Phone/Fax: (0)20 83 31 18 Mobile: +385 (0)91 560 11 68 Working hours: Monday – Sunday: 13 – 24 hrs (from June until end of September) Konopica restaurant is situated 50 meters off the …
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  • Korcula Walking Tours

    Anyone can show you Korcula. However, on our Korcula walking tour, you with not only see it , but you will also discover it. Exploring Korcula and its Old Town on foot with our local expert-guided tour is more interesting than doing it in any other way. Cars, bikes, scooters …
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  • Fishing in Korcula

    The Island of Korcula is an ideal destination for a fishing or angling holiday, where most styles of sea angling can be done on or around the Island. We’re an Island, so naturally, we are surrounded by sea and the water is full of fish – in fact, the island’s coastline has …
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  • Kayaking Korcula Island

    The island of Korcula is a great place to try sea kayaking. It offers the widest range of sea environments to enjoy. There is plenty of interesting beaches, bays, sheltered harbours and islets to kayak to. Some are further away while other places are on easy paddling distance from beaches …
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  • Sailing around Korcula Island

    Photo: Sailing boat crossing Peljesac Channel in the vicinity of Sestrice islet and lighthouse on a fairly windy day Sailing around Korcula Island is very exciting. The island is surrounded by two very windy channels – Peljesac and Korcula Channel where you can find fantastic winds for sailing activity all year …
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  • Dubrovnik to Korcula and back (Korcula to Dubrovnik)

    Visiting Dubrovnik from Korcula for a day trip There are several ways to visit Dubrovnik from Korcula or vice – versa as a day trip. by car: If you have a car, driving to Dubrovnik may be a good option. The only difficult thing you have to consider is parking, …
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