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Day Trip from Korcula to Dubrovnik

Visiting Dubrovnik from Korcula for a day trip

There are several ways to visit Dubrovnik from Korcula (or vice-versa) as a day trip.

by car:

If you have a car, driving to Dubrovnik may be a good option. The only difficult thing you have to consider is parking, which can be expensive and difficult in Dubrovnik during the high of the tourist season. Driving from Korcula (from Domince port) to there involves taking a car ferry to Orebic which is on the mainland, see photo below.

Car and passenger ferry from Korcula Town to Orebic

Photo: Car and passenger ferry from Korcula Town to Orebic

It takes just 15 minutes by ferry to reach the mainland and from there you will drive for 110 km, crossing Peljesac and you will be in Dubrovnik in about 1.5 hours. If you are visiting just Old Town, the best thing is to leave your car somewhere safe and walk around the old town. The Old Town is a car-free zone anyway.

by bus or ferry:

If you are staying in the western part of the island (Vela Luka, Prizba, Blato, Brna, or similar) the easiest way is to take the early morning bus to Dubrovnik and get back with the same bus in the afternoon. This bus arrives in Dubrovnik at 9:30 and leaves for Korcula and Vela Luka at 15:00 which will give you about 5 hours to explore the old town.

You can book this bus journey in advance on the Arriva website. The bus fare is 116 HK one way from Vela Luka or 100 Hrk from Korcula Town.

If you are staying near Korcula Town or Lumbarda, you can consider taking a catamaran ferry for this day trip. The ferry leaves Korcula Town at 07:30 (or 10:15) and goes back from Dubrovnik at 16:00. If you take the 10:15 departure option, you will have just 4 hours to explore Dubrovnik which can be a bit short, so take the 7:30 departure instead.

fantastic views from the ferry on the way to Dubrovnik

Photo: fantastic views from the ferry on the way to Dubrovnik

Popular Routes: Split to Korcula, Korcula to Split, Dubrovnik to Korcula, Korcula to Dubrovnik

You can also consider instead, taking an early morning bus and getting back by ferry which will give you a good 6 hours in Dubrovnik.

This is probably the best option as it is the longest possible time as well as you will have the opportunity to see the coast from the road as well as from the ferry on your way back.

For all ferries from Korcula to Dubrovnik and any other ferry in Croatia see croatiaferries.com website where you can check all timings and costs.

by organized guided tour:

You can also do this day trip organized by local travel agents in Dubrovnik or Korcula.

This is probably the best option for people who prefer to have a guide and all details sorted out in advance. Usually, this tour also starts in the morning and gets back in the afternoon by bus or by minibusses.

You can book this tour online at Viator or GetYourGuide websites or locally upon your arrival.

What to do in Dubrovnik

As this will be just a fairly short day trip to the town I suggest you focus your attention on Dubrovnik’s Old Town and its walls, streets, and architecture. Walk along its streets, and stop for coffee, cake, ice cream, and short lunch on Stradun, the main street in the old town.

You can also consider taking a walk along the town walls from where you can have great views over the roofs of the old town.

For all details about the old town its walls and its map see the Dubrovnik-travel.net website.

Walk along Stradun in Dubrovnik Old Town

Photo: Walk along Stradun in Dubrovnik Old Town

Cathedral, St Blaise Church and rectors Palace at Luza square in the Old Town.

Photo: Cathedral, St Blaise Church and Rectors Palace at Luza square in the Old Town.

Don’t miss the walk along with the old port where you can see numerous small boats and have fantastic views over old stone walls.

Old port in Dubrovnik

Photo: Old port in Dubrovnik

If it’s warm have a short swim and sunbathe in one of the beach spots near the town walls to cool off a bit.

Perhaps you can take a short trip to Lokrum, which is just across the old port if you have time and energy (see the below photo)

Beach in Dubrovnik near town walls with Lokrum island in the background

Photo: Beach in Dubrovnik near town walls with Lokrum island in the background

To get back to Korcula on time make sure you give yourself 30 minutes to reach the bus station and ferry terminal from the Old Town.

If you are running late just take a taxi, it will cost you about 50 HRK max.

If you are more comfortable with time take a local bus from the old town’s Pile Gate to Gruz where the ferry and bus terminal is (buses number 1 and 1a). It will cost you just 15 HRK. You can buy a ticket on the bus no need to buy it in advance.

Once you embark on your ferry, bus, or minibus for your way back, just enjoy the journey and beautiful views.