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Korcula Beaches

Korcula is well known for the quality and variety of its beaches that provide excellent windsurfing conditions and are great places to swim and sunbathe or walk even on a stormy winter’s day. Most of them are sheltered in shingle/pebble coves of the north and south coast, such as Pupnatska Luka and Vaja, which offer excellent swimming and protection from winds. Remote beaches such as Pavja Luka and Orlandusa offer the chance to really get away from it all, while bustling town beaches, such as Vela Przina or Banje beach are great places to spend the day, with plenty of cafes and restaurants within easy walking distance.

Relaxing on a typical Korcula beach
Above photo: Relaxing on a typical Korcula beach

What does a beach mean to you? It may be sandcastles, sunbathing, snorkeling, windsurfing, or walking along a sandy stretch. Here on Korcula island, we have beaches for all of this. The island has a varied coastline and because of this, can boast shingle coves, sandy beaches, secret inlets, and rock pools to discover. From the sands of the Vela Przina to the pebbles at Bacva or Pupnatska Luka bay, and right around the Kneze beach and Samograd, you’ll be amazed at just how different the landscape becomes.

Shingle beach on the north coast of the island
Above photo: Shingle beach on the north coast of the island

Island beaches have the highest rating for bathing water quality so you and yours can paddle and swim knowing that you’re doing so in safe water. It’s simple and easy to get to many of our beaches by foot, bike, bus, or scooter, without a car.

 pebble beach on Korcula island
Above photo: pebble beach on Korcula island

Apart from getting your dose of vitamin sea and relaxing in the sun, there are plenty of other things to do just a step away from the beaches – have an ice cream or lunch at cafes and konoba/tapas nearby, or take a walk along the coast to experience stunning views and spectacular sunsets. Most of the island’s beaches are dog friendly too. And don’t just think that the beach is for the summer. Some of the best, wild walks can be had along the beach in the winter months and throughout the year.

Sunset on the secluded beach @ Korcula island
Above photo: Sunset on the secluded beach @ Korcula island

The Best Beaches on Korcula Island

Korcula island’s stunning locations include numerous places to sunbathe and swim. Here we have picked out our ‘Top beaches in Korcula’. Bear in mind, it is not an exhaustive list, magnificent beaches dot the whole coastline. In fact, it is easy to find a relaxing beach spot pretty much everywhere around the island:

  • Orlanduša

    Situated on the southern shores of Korcula island, Orlanduša is a hidden bay offering impressive landscapes and a lovely pebble beach. The bay is part of the Defora area and features clean, calm, and clear seawater. Great little bay to spend a day! Beach Orlanduša is the perfect place to get away …
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  • Samograd

    Samograd bay is popular with families and children having an attractive shingle beach with clean and clear waters. Located on the northern coastline of Korcula island, the bay offers uninterrupted sea views of Croatia’s mainland (Biokovo mountain) and Hvar island. In the winter months, the bay is a popular hiker and cycling destination …
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  • Vaja Beach

    Vaja bay features a charming pebble beach that has clean and smoothly curved pebbles and clear waters making it popular with families with small children. Situated on the northern coastline of Korcula island, the bay offers exquisite views over the channel all the way to Hvar and Peljesac. Refreshments may be obtained …
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  • Vela Pržina

    This small bay features a lovely sandy beach that has soft and fine sand making it popular with children and families. Situated on the southern coastline of Korcula island, Vela Pržina offers uninterrupted views over the nearby seascapes. Refreshments may be obtained from bach cafe and restaurant. Out of season, the bay …
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  • Pupnatska Luka

    Nestled on the southern edge of Korcula island, Pupnatska Luka, the hidden gem, has stunning seascapes and a wealth of sea life waiting to greet you. The bay features a lovely pebble beach and clear seawater. Beach Bar Mate and Konoba Mijo are small beach bars & (konoba) restaurants situated …
    Read more » Pupnatska Luka


Are there any sandy beaches in Korcula?

Vela Przina beach is the most popular sandy beach on Korcula island but it’s not the only one. Around Lumbarda village, there are another five small sandy beaches to enjoy including Bilin Zal, which is on the opposite side of the coast, Luka Korculanska near Korcula Old Town, and Istruga near Smokvica.

Can you swim on Korcula?

Where can you swim on Korcula island? It is simple here – you can swim anywhere along the coast except in the ferry ports. The sea quality is excellent, so you can swim wherever you can get into the sea which is actually everywhere.

Does Korcula have good beaches?

Korcula is well known in Croatia for the quality of its beaches that provide tranquility and unspoiled charm. Yes, we have good beaches here, great places to walk or windsurf in the winter and excellent spots to sunbathe and swim in the summer.

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