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Korcula Walking Tours

Anyone can show you Korcula. However, on our Korcula walking tour, you with not only see it, but you will also discover it.

Exploring Korcula and its Old Town on foot with our local expert-guided tour is more interesting than doing it in any other way. Cars, bikes, scooters, or coaches, quite simply, can’t get into the narrow alleyways and hidden backstreets where the lesser-known side of Korcula past and present awaits your discovery.

Exploring all main Old Town sights - Korcula Walking Tours
Exploring all main Old Town sights

Korcula is a town of secrets and if you scratch the surface, get into its hidden courtyards, backstreets and tucked-away alleyway, you will soon discover that there is much more to Korcula than the well-known tourist spots.

Sure, indeed, we will also show you the most important sights of the town, but besides that, we will also take you on a sightseeing tour to the places that only someone who grew up in this amazing town knows.

We will guide you to explore the old alleys that keep their treasures well hidden from all but the most knowledgeable.

With our fascinating and insightful Korcula city walking tours, you will be on a mission to introduce yourself to the secrets of this timeless Old Town, to its past and present.

Our two hours walking tour will give you a great way to gain a true appreciation for, and insight into Korcula Old Town’s colorful past as well as the vibrant present.

Conducted at a gentle pace, and with plenty of stops for you to take in your surroundings, our walks make an ideal way to get to grips with this vivid and diverse historical Venetian town that was built on the important and strategic spot where the East meets the West.

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Tours we offer

Our walking tours could also include exploration of the Towns surroundings.
Our walking tours could also include an exploration of the Town’s surroundings.

In two hours you’ll discover more, learn more, experience more, and see more than you expected and ever thought possible. And all this in the company of Korcula’s most established walking tour guides.

Korcula is an amazing little place, both to live in and to visit, and it has so much to offer visitors and residents alike.

But the only way to really discover the many and varied parts of the city is to take your time and walk the streets.

You will turn a corner and suddenly be transported back into Korcula’s past to find yourself surrounded by buildings and courtyards that have changed little, if at all, in over six hundred years. The best way to get to these places is on foot.

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For a basic self-guided walking tour of Korcula check the page about the Old Town.

led by local guides with expert local knowledge