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Boat hire on Korcula island

If you would like to experience riding a small boat in the waters of Korcula island you can perhaps decide to rent a small (or larger) motorboat for a day or two to cruise along the coast of the island and along the way stopping off in some of the beautiful bays.

There are plenty of places you can rent the boat from including local travel agencies or more specialized car and boat rental agencies located in most of the coastal villages and towns on the island, in Lumbarda, Korcula old town, Racisce, Brna, Prigradica, Prizba or Vela Luka.

Photo: Local marina harbouring numerous small motor boats. Some of them are available for hire too.


Here are samples of prices for hiring boats on the island:

  • A self-drive basic motorboat with a small engine about 5-8 KS for rentals without skipper will cost you from €50 per day.
  • The same boat with skipper will coast from 100 euro per day.
  • Speedboats will cost you about 250 Euro per day for 7 meters one or 210 Euro for 5-meter length.
  • For the latest special offers and updated prices please get in touch 

Speedboats available for rent in Korcula Town's marina

Photo: Speedboats available for rent in Korcula Old Town’s marina

Note: Speedboat charter options are available only for people who have a license for driving powerboats. For everyone else, see below

Photo: Selection of small plastic boat mooring in the local harbour. Similar models are available for rent in most of the rental agencies.

Boat license

If you would like to hike a boat anywhere in Croatia or in Korcula you have to have at least a basic motor boat license. Without the license, you are allowed to sail only by rowing boat, by kayak or canoe or by any other similar small and basic vessel (like an inflatable small boat).

The basic requirement of boat license is something you will be asked to provide before you can rent any other boat including a basic motor boat. You will also be asked for your ID document.

Photo: several small motor boats anchored off shores of Badija islet in the local archipelago

Dinghy rental

If you are a very inexperienced sailor and you have no motorboat license, the best option for you can be renting a small dinghy boat (rowboats without any engine) or kayak. Renting one of there can be a great way to experience some open water rowing in a small plastic boat.

I have one and enjoy rowing on it any day when the sea is not rough but calm. You can also rent an inflatable dinghy with or without motor (power engine). In both cases, you will get one set of oars which is enough to sail around the harbour or small beach on a calm day without wind.

Video clip

Short video clip of hiring a boat for a day and riding around the coast.


If you would like to pre-book your boat, let me know, I will be happy to arrange it for you.