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Walk or cycle from Zrnovo to Lumbarda

Cycling (or hiking) from Zrnovo to Lumbarda via Defora paths is one of the best routes you can do to the eastern part of the island. This is one of my favorite routes to do either by my mountain bike, scooter or just walking in the afternoon or early morning. Here are the details:

Photo: Tarmac path that leads from Zrnovo (Postrana) to Rasohatica bay and Lumbarda

You will start in Postrana, the small hamlet in Zrnovo village from where you will take the road towards Rasohatica (first turn on the left). Part of the road/path is asphalted, part is cemented while another part is tarmac, as in the above photo.

Views from the hills on the north part of the route

Photo: Views from the hills on the north part of the route

From the hills on the north part of the route, on your left side, you can see the Peljesac channel, islets of the local archipelago, and bays of Lumbarda, Lumbarajsko Racisce, and the village). Some beautiful patches of mature cypress trees (above photo) are also pleased to observe.

Photo: Cycling path with crossroads for Rasohatica or Lumbarda

After about 2 km walk/ cycle along the path on the top of the hills, you will arrive at the crossroads that either takes you down the hill to the coast of Rasohatica bay or, if you turn left, it takes you further along the hilltops towards Lumbarda.

 Views from the path over Rasohatica bay, Lastovo channel and Lastovo island in the background

Photo: Views from the path over Rasohatica bay, Lastovo channel, to Lastovo island in the background

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As soon as you turn left, you will reach another hilltop from where you can see amazing views over the southern coast of Korcula island with Rasohatica bay below, Lastovo channel, and the island of Lastovo in the distance.

Photo: Vineyards on the South slopes of the island

Eventually, you will arrive at the crossroads where you will spot slopes of vineyards on the south side.

Turn left on the narrow asphalted lane that will lead you along the top of the hill towards Lumbarda’s suburbs.

Photo: views over vineyards, channel to Mljet island (see it in the background)

Photo: Downhill to the northern coast and Lumbarda

Photo: Group of cyclists heading to the coast

Photo: Approach to Przina Beach in Lumbarda

Another few kilometers to go and you will slowly start to approach Przina Beach in Lumbarda. This is usually the end of my journey as I like to take a break there to cool down, have a swim, coffee, and snack in the local Prizna beach cafe. From here, if you wish, you can proceed to Raznjic.

If I cycle this route, the whole journey takes me about two hours. Walking takes about 4 hours while a scooter ride is just about an hour. It includes plenty of stopovers on best spots for biscuit breaks, snacks, and to enjoy the views.

Video – Views:

Short video clips of views taken on the route

Map of the route:

Basic map of the route, you can get the more detailed map in the local tourist office.