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Visiting Korcula Island, Croatia

Korcula island, Croatia

Articles about the Island of Korcula

  1. Things to do in Korcula Island

    Korcula is one of the places and islands in Croatia that visitors to the country cannot get enough of. There is a lot to do on this island. Here we share things you really should add to your list. Whether you have just one, two, or more days available, here …
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  2. Hrvoje Kapelina Art

    About Hrvoje Lorenzo Kapelina The career of Hrvoje Kapelina has been determined by an extremely wish and need to paint. Like many other self-taught painters, unfettered and free of all rules and techniques imposed by eventual schools, he had to face many dilemmas and traps. Apart from the strong wish …
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  3. Cycling in Korcula Island

    Numerous quiet country lanes and scenic off-road tarmac roads, make the island of Korcula an ideal destination for a cycling holiday. There are cycling routes to suit everyone, from peaceful slow country lanes more challenging off-road hilly paths around hills of Korcula. You can cycle here along the lanes in …
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  4. Getting to Korcula

    Here are the current best options for public transport for getting to Korcula island. As there is no airport on the island, to reach the nearest airport you will need to fly to either Split or Dubrovnik and from there take any available public transport to reach Korcula. Flying to …
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  5. Hotel Korčula De La Ville

    Hotel de la Ville, which is now Hotel Korčula, is the first town hotel built in 1912, more than a hundred years ago. Therefore, it is a monument to Korčula’s tourist tradition. It has been considered to be the best of what Korčula has to offer since it was built. …
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  6. Korcula Archipelago

    Korcula Archipelago is also known as Skoji Islets which includes 18 small islands and islets dotted around the channel between Peljesac and Korcula island. The islands are easily reachable by local water taxi boats or hop on hop off speedy water taxi from either Lumbarda, Korcula Old Town or Orebic, Kuciste and …
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  7. Korcula Old Town

    Korcula Old Town is a popular place to visit for anyone who is visiting the area around Dubrovnik, Split or Peljesac in Croatia. It is a small medieval walled town that was built on the tiny peninsula on the northeast coast of the Korcula island. The town is also known …
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  8. Moreška

    Moreska is pronounced ‘Moreshka’. It means ‘Moorish’. The word is derived from the Spanish adjective ‘Morisco’ or the Italian ‘Moresco’. It is a matter of conjecture whether the dance came to the Adriatic directly from Spain through roving Spanish sailors, or from Sicily or Italy when Dalmatia formed part of …
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  9. Marco Polo and Korcula

    Introduction The city of Korcula, in the opinion of its many distinguished visitors throughout its rich history, is one of the most attractive and best-preserved towns from the Middle Ages in the Mediterranean area. The island of the same name is one in the long string of ‘pearls’ forming a …
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  10. History of Korcula Island

    Prehistory The island of Korcula and the peninsula of Peljesac were inhabited even in the Neolithic Age, i.e. six to eight thousand years ago. There are numerous archaeological findings from that time, ranging from the first settlements, caves, tumili, and old stone buildings (gradine) to the earliest tools such as …
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  1. History of Korcula Old Town

    Numerous precious experiences of all the history of town’s building seem to be sublimated in the urban organization of Korcula Old Town. It grew out of the remote prehistorical instinct for choosing a place of defence, later became an Illyrian observation-post from which they could control the shipping, then a …
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  2. Binocular Views from Korcula hills

    You are headed to Korcula, one of Croatia’s most dazzling islands where you can catch amazing views of the surrounding archipelagos and seascapes. Make the most of your holiday by hiking to surrounding hills, exploring historic landmarks in the island’s towns and villages and learning about the area’s rich history …
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  3. Kocje

    Kočje nature park (pronounced “ko-chye”) covers the area of about 10 acres that includes unusual large rock formations. This protected area is home to a narrow canyon with some unexpected features such as dolomitic rocks, cave, moss and small spring. Situated in the vicinity of the village of Žrnovo, Kočje …
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  4. Lastovo

    Lastovo island has all the basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate dominated by mild, moist winters and warm, long and dry summers. The average annual temperature of the island is about 15 C, while the average annual rainfall is 687 mm. The air moisture of the island is 70% only …
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  5. Agrotourism Konopica

    Seoski turizam – ugostiteljstvo – Agrotourism Konopica – homemade dishes Vl. Ivan Tomić, Čara – Korčula Phone/Fax: (0)20 83 31 18 Mobile: +385 (0)91 560 11 68 Working hours: Monday – Sunday: 13 – 24 hrs (from June until end of September) Konopica restaurant is situated 50 meters off the …
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  6. Korcula Ferry Port

    Where is Korcula Ferry Port? Korcula Ferry Ports and Korcula Cruise Port There are four ports on the island of Korcula: one for car ferries on the northeast side of the island – Domince port. The port serves car/passenger ferries from Orebic, which is the island’s nearest town on the …
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  7. The Restoration of Marko Andrijić’ Ciborium in St. Mark’s Cathedral, Korcula

    The cathedral of St. Mark’s is located within the walls of the town of Korčula, made out of stone extracted from nearby quarries (locally called ‘petrali’) and built over several centuries through architectural knowledge and stonemasons’ skills of many masters: “…several stone-carving generations worked and each left signs of their …
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  8. Shipbuilding in Korcula

    Shipbuilding in Korcula is very old and certainly older than the written documents about it. As an Illyrian pirate stronghold and a Greek colony of the Antiquity Korcula was an important centre. Since it was inhabited by the Neretva pirates, it is reasonable to presume that boats were constructed there …
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  9. Korcula Walking Tours

    Anyone can show you Korcula. However, on our Korcula walking tour, you with not only see it , but you will also discover it. Exploring Korcula and its Old Town on foot with our local expert-guided tour is more interesting than doing it in any other way. Cars, bikes, scooters …
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  10. Fishing in Korcula

    The Island of Korcula is an ideal destination for a fishing or angling holiday, where most styles of sea angling can be done on or around the Island. We’re an Island, so naturally, we are surrounded by sea and the water is full of fish – in fact, the island’s coastline has …
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