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Cycling from Korcula to Lumbarda

There’s no better form of exercise than to have an enjoyable Korcula Old Town to Lumbarda bike ride on a beautiful day. Even if you’re not a dedicated cyclist, why not to go on a bike ride to Lumbarda and enjoy the beautiful views and countryside on your way there?

The bike path from Korcula to Lumbarda follows seashore and countryside of Korcula town, Luka Korculanska, Sveti Anton, Javic and Lumbarajsko Racisce for about 4 km.

Dedicated bike path Korcula-Lumbarda
Dedicated bike path Korcula-Lumbarda

It begins in the centre of the town and carries on via Luka Korculanska bay to Sveti Antun. From there you continue your bike journey crossing the crossroads that leads towards Lumbarda.

Once you cross the road, you will cycle another half kilometre and you will reach, on your right side, a dedicated bike path for the sole use of cyclist and pedestrians.

Lumbarda – elevated cycling path

This path will eventually lead you via Javic to the crossroads of Koludert and Lumbarda village centre, Prvi Zal (see photo below). From there you just proceed along the road leading through the centre of the village towards beaches.

Keep in mind that some sections of the waterfront and countryside paths are moderately hilly and bumpy while the rest of the path is fairly flat. Make sure you watch the traffic passing by on the part of the path that is not dedicated to cyclists only.

The best and the safest time of the day to do this route is early morning when roads are not busy yet and the sun is still in its rising phase. If you do this route in the middle of the day, which I would suggest avoiding, make sure you take a hat and sunblock. Plenty of water too.

Avoid this trail during the high season because the tourists may get in your way, but out of the season and in the early morning there is enough room to get around.

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Crossroads to Koludert and Lumbarda village centre, Prvi Zal in the early morning

Map of the route:

Map of the route

Korcula island has many other bike paths for you to explore, see more info about cycling on the island.