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Hvar to Korčula

How to get from Hvar to Korčula?

If you are a foot passenger, there is a fast ferry catamaran that departs daily from Hvar to Korcula town. This is the most convenient way to travel between these two places. If you are driving and need a car ferry, there are no direct car ferries between these two islands. You have to cross to the mainland, drive along the coast and cross to Korcula by another car ferry.

4 Ways to get from Hvar island to Korcula

Travel DurationCost (Ticket Price)
Foot Passenger Ferry (Catamaran)1.2 hours40 to 120 HRK (per person)
Driving (Self Drive)3 – 4 hours
Private Transfer (Taxi)3 – 4 hours2500 HRK (price for 3 persons)
Water Taxi (Private Boat Transfer)1 hour€500 (price per boat)
Departing from Hvar Town, views from windows of catamaran passenger ferry
Departing from Hvar Town, views from the windows of a fast catamaran passenger ferry

The distance between Hvar Town and Korcula Town across the sea is 62 Km (33 nautical miles) and to Vela Luka is 35 km (19 nm). The easiest way to travel is by fast passenger ferry (catamaran). Here are the details:

By Foot Passenger Ferry (Catamaran)

Schedules, Tickets, Booking

Passenger Ferry (Catamaran)Departures*Ticket PricesBooking & Tickets
from Hvar to Korčula Town09:00*; 11:00**; 17:00 (18:00*)40 – 120 HRKBook here
from Hvar to Vela Luka15:00 (16:00*)35 – 40 HRKBook here
Departures: *High season: April (June) to (September) October; ** Fri & Sat in the off-season

Jadrolinija and Krilo (Kapetan Luka) are the two companies that run passenger ferries from Hvar to Korcula Island, one to Vela Luka and the other to Korcula Town. Both companies depart from the Hvar town terminal which is located right in the town center (see the above photo).

Fast passenger ferry catamaran sailing between islands
Above photo: Fast passenger ferry catamaran sailing between islands

If you are a foot passenger traveling via Vela Luka towards Korcula Town (40 km away), make sure you get a bus as soon as you leave the ferry as buses are not frequent (check & book here). The alternative is to take a taxi.

Important Note: In case of bad weather the catamaran (fast passenger ferries) are not sailing. In such circumstances, you have to get via Split or Drvenik (see below options).

Interior seating at the catamaran passenger ferry
Above photo: Interior seating at the catamaran passenger ferry

By Car Ferry and Driving from Hvar to Korcula

There are no direct car ferries connecting Hvar and Korcula. Therefore, if you are driving, you have just 2 options:

  1. drive from Hvar via Drvenik & Ploce to Orebic and Korcula or
  2. drive from Hvar via Drvenik & Peljesac Bridge to Orebic and Korcula

Using the shortest and the fastest driving route, you can reach Korcula town from Hvar island in 2.5 hours.

Driving along the narrow roads on the island
Above photo: Driving along the narrow roads on the island

Hvar via Drvenik & Ploce to Orebic and Korcula Driving Route

The main points about this option are to start your departure from Hvar island (by ferry from Sucuraj to Drvenik) at a good time to reach Ploce early enough to get on the ferry to Trpanj (info). At present, you can not reserve your place on either of these ferries in advance, so you have to come early enough to get your place in the queue.

Popular Routes: Split to Korcula, Korcula to Split, Dubrovnik to Korcula, Korcula to Dubrovnik

The Sucuraj to Drvenik ferries run 6 to 15 times a day while Ploce to Trpanj is less frequent. Once in Trpanj, drive to Orebic and get a car ferry to the island (info). This option includes two ferry crossings, but if you plan well in advance, you can be in Korcula within 3 hours starting from Sucuraj (Hvar island).

Hvar via Drvenik & Peljesac Bridge to Orebic and Korcula Driving Route

The new driving route via Peljesac Bridge (open for traffic in July 2022). If you use this route take a ferry to Drvenik as described above and drive all the way to the Peljeac Bridge entrance in Komarna (map/location) where you cross the bridge and drive a further 40 km from Brijesta to Orebic (map/location). From Orebic, cross by car ferry to Korcula. Total driving time: 2 hrs 15 minutes starting from Sucuraj (Hvar island).

Using these routes your driving time will be:

Driving sectionDistanceDriving time
Hvar Town to Sucuraj77 km1 hr 20 minutes
Sucuraj to Drvenikcar ferry35 minutes
Drvenik to Ploce25 km20 minutes
Ploce-Trpanj-Orebiccar ferry & drive1 hour 15 minutes
Drvenik to Peljesac Bridge52 km50 minutes
Peljesac Bridge to Orebic40 km40 minutes
Car Ferry Orebic – Korcula1.5 km15 minutes

Once the Bridge opens, this will be the best, shortest, and most convenient driving option that includes only one ferry crossing. The total driving time from Sucuraj (Hvar island) is 2 hrs 15 minutes.

Hvar (Stari Grad) via Split to Korcula Route

This route enables you to book your place on the ferry in advance. The ferry from Stari Grad to Split takes advance car reservations and for some people, although this is the longest driving route, they prefer to have a secured place on the ferry. Depending on traffic jams, the shortest time to expect on this driving route is about 6 hours. Be in port at least 45 minutes before departure.

Driving tip

If you are driving from Hvar to Korcula in the spring or summer, to avoid sunshine getting straight into your eyes, as you are driving towards the South-East, choose the afternoon drive instead of the morning one.

By Private Boat Transfer

A private boat transfer is probably the quickest way to get to the island. It can be really good if money is no problem and the weather is perfect. It is also a good option for a larger group of travelers. However, due to unpredictable weather, especially in the winter months, car transfers are more reliable.

By Taxi or Private Car Transfer

A taxi ride between Hvar and Korcula lasts between 2.5 and about 3.5 hours. The current price quoted to me is 320 Euro. This is a good option if 3 or more people travel together and share the costs.


hvar to korcula map

The above photo is a map of how to get from Hvar island to Korčula showing all transportation options including passenger and car ferry routes as well as driving options via Ploce – Trpanj and via Peljesac Bridge.


How long is the ferry crossing from Hvar to Korčula?

It is the 1-hour ferry crossing from Hvar to Korčula

How much does it cost to travel by ferry from Hvar to Korčula?

The cost of the one-way ticket for a foot passenger is between 6 and 19 Euro

Can I take bikes on fast ferries?

Yes, if you are traveling by bicycle you can take your bike on the ferry. The additional charge applies. Book a bike place well in advance.

What is the distance between Hvar and Korcula?

The nearest distance between Hvar and Korcula is approximately 61 km or 33 nautical miles

See more info on how to get to Korcula and For ferry schedule updates @ croatiaferries.com

pin - passengers embarking on the ferry
Above photo: passengers embarking on the ferry