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Defora area is a fantastic place to visit if you are a nature lover. It is a remote part on the southern side on the island which consists of wooded slopes, vineyards, bays, coves, and some pebble beaches. If you are looking for peace and quiet this is probably one of the best areas to visit or stay on the island.

Photo: This lovely cottage in Defora, overlooking the bay and channel is available for rent

The area includes bays and beaches of Orlandusa, Bratinja Luka, Pavja Luka, Rasohatica and Glogovac with surrounding vineyards and woods. The area is not easily accessible, most of the roads and paths are tarmac while some bits are asphalted.

Staying in Defora

If you would like to stay here you will need some kind of transport, at least mountain bike or scooter while having a car will be recommended. You would need to take all your provisions with you as there are no shops in the area. The nearest shop is in Zrnovo, Lumbarda or Korcula Town which is at least 4 km away, some are even further.

There are several small cottages that are available for rent, including one on the above photo. Some other cottages are closer to sea and beach such as ones in Rasohatica, Orlandusa, and Bratinja Luka. You can book them here if you wish.

Day trip to Defora

If you prefer to stay closer to villages, towns or in the Old Town and just visit the area for a day trip, you can do that by hiring a car, scooter, mountain bike or just hike there. Don’t try to hire a boat to reach this bit of the coast as it is too far from all places where boats are available to rent.

The nearest public transport to start the hike is in Postrana hamlet in Zrnovo village. You can get there by bus or taxi from any place on the island. From there getting to Defora is easy as all roads are marked. You will see road signs for each of the bays and beaches.

Photo: Some of the coastlines of Defora is truly breathtaking

It will take you about 5 km to reach the nearest coast or beach so be prepared, take enough water and snacks with you, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Hiking or cycling here even on the cloudy day is very exposed to elements so make sure you have all you need with you particularly if you are visiting in the summer, July and August. See some details of one of the walks via Defora with additional photos and map.

Photo: Detail of the wild rocky coastline on Defora

Photo: Small fishing boats in the bay

Bays in the area feature some lovely pebble beaches ideal for swimming, sunbathing, angling and snorkeling.

If you are visiting in cooler periods, bear in mind that this part of the coast can get pretty windy and cold.

Photo: Windy and cold day on Defora