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Korcula Ferry Port

Korcula town ferry port
Korcula town ferry port

Where is Korcula Ferry Port?

Korcula Ferry Ports and Korcula Cruise Port

Cruise ship and tender boat in Korcula cruise port
Cruise ship and tender boat in Korcula cruise port

There are four ports on the island of Korcula:

  • one for car ferries on the northeast side of the island – Domince port. The port serves car and passenger ferries from Orebic, which is the island’s nearest town on the Croatian mainland.
  • foot passenger port on the northeast side of the island – Korcula Town port. The port serves foot-passenger ferries from Orebic, Split, Makarska, Bol, Milna Brac, and Hvar. Also from Mljet (Pomena and Sobra), from Lastovo and from Dubrovnik and to Split
  • one for car/passenger ferries on the southwest side of the island – Vela Luka port. The port serves car and foot passenger ferries from Split, which is the island’s nearest large town and the airport on the mainland. It also serves passenger ferries from Hvar and car ferries to and from Lastovo island.
  • Prigradica port situated on the northwest side of the island serves passenger ferries from Korcula Town, Hvar and Split.
  • Korcula Cruise port is the one for cruise ships. The cruise port is Korcula Town Port, which accommodates cruise ship tender boats and most private tour boats.
Car Ferry in Korcula car ferry port Domince
Car Ferry in Korcula car ferry port Domince

The Korcula Town Ferry Port is located on the northeast side of the island. Locally called Korculanska Riva, it is a very busy port, especially during the summer high season, with many ferries departing and arriving daily. For the number of passengers it serves, Korcula Town Port is very small, it tends to be crowded and can be slightly confusing.

A Passenger ferry in Korcula Town Ferry Port
A Passenger ferry in Korcula Town Ferry Port

Korcula Ferry Port Transportation

Domince Port is much too far from any Korcula town to be walkable, so transportation will be needed no matter where on the island you’re staying. Options are a bus, taxi, water taxi, private car or shuttle service, and a private transfer arranged via your hotel. Generally, taking the bus is the easiest and cheapest option.

Korcula Town port, Vela Luka, and Prigradica port are located in the town itself so are most probably within the walking distance to your accommodation.

Buses at Korcula island Ferry Ports

Buses from Korcula Town and Vela Luka ferry ports are just 5 min walk away so it is very easy to get a bus from there to cross the island and reach your hotel or accommodation.

However, Domince and Prigradica ferry ports are less connected so in case you decide to take a ferry to one of these ports you would most probably need to get a taxi to your accommodation.

Korcula Island Ferry Schedules and Tickets

Ferry schedules for Korcula island as well as for the whole of Croatia are seasonal. It means that offseason, which is late autumn, winter, and early spring, fewer ferries are scheduled to sail to the island.

From April to October, much more ferries are available. Always carefully check current ferry schedules to avoid disappointments.

Popular Routes: Split to Korcula, Korcula to Split, Dubrovnik to Korcula, Korcula to Dubrovnik

The best website to check is croatiaferries.com as it lists all ferries that sail in Croatia.

You can also get your tickets in advance online as well as on the spot once you arrive at the port. In the high season, it is a good idea to buy your tickets well in advance. Out of season, tickets are safe to buy just a day or a few hours in advance.

Waiting line in Korcula Town ferry port in a busy period
Waiting in line in Korcula Town ferry port in a busy period

Staying near Korcula Ferry Port

If for whatever reason, you need to stay very near the ferry ports there are plenty of accommodation options for each of them. Just use your favorite accommodation platform and book it in advance especially if you plan to visit in high season.

What you can find in Korčula ferry ports

  • In Korčula and Vela Luka ferry ports, as they are located in the center of the towns, all the town facilities are within a walking distance from the port where ferries depart from. It includes many restaurants, cafes, shops, souvenir shops, ATMs machines, banks etc
  • In Domince and Prigradica ferry ports, there are fewer facilities (cafe bar and fast food outlet only) so make sure you get all you need while in the center of local towns.
Car Ferry Korcula Domince to Orebic views over Archipelago
Car Ferry Korcula Domince to Orebic views over Archipelago

Getting from Korčula ferry ports to Dubrovnik and Split airport

  • From Korcula town port, you can take a catamaran ferry both to Split and to Dubrovnik. Once you arrive there, just get to the bus station which is very close to both ferry ports and take a shuttle bus to the airport from there. The alternative is to take a private transfer, Uber or taxi.
  • From Vela Luka ferry port get a bus to Korcula Town port for the ferry to Dubrovnik or, if you are flying from Split, get a ferry to Split from Vela Luka ferry port.
  • From Domince port, get a taxi to Korcula Town ferry port and get ferries from there to Split or Dubrovnik.
  • From Prigradica port, get a taxi to Vela Luka to get a ferry to Split, or, to reach Dubrovnik airport, get a bus or taxi to Blato and from there, get a bus or taxi to Korcula town ferry port.

Map of ferry ports on the island of Korcula

Parking in Korcula island ferry ports

There are plenty of parking places available in the near vicinity of all island’s ports. At present, parking is charged on an hourly basis in Korcula Town and Vela Luka ports. In Prigradica and Domince, parking is free. If you need to leave your car for a longer period, find a suitable parking place on the outskirts of the towns or villages.

Luggage Storage

In all ferry ports on the island, you will find luggage storage offices. They are located close to the port in either local bus stations, local tourist offices, or nearby cafe bars. The left luggage storage is charged on a daily or hourly base and it is a good idea to use these facilities if your intention is to spend several hours exploring the towns before traveling somewhere else.

Check some photos of the local port authority here: www.instagram.com/portkorcula/