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The village of Pupnat is one of the smallest villages on the island. It is a traditional agricultural village situated among the hills at the edge of the small, fertile field. A few kilometers from the village, at the southern coastline, with the views all the way to Lastovo island, are situated bays and beaches of Pupnatska Luka and Bacva, both easily accessible by car, scooter, or bicycle.

The village has just over 500 inhabitants whose life is centered around the parish church, post office, local shop, and snack bar where locals play cards all day long under the shade of the old pine trees.

Views over the Pupnat village from the nearby hill
Above photo: Views over the Pupnat village from the nearby hill

Things to do in Pupnat

If you are staying in Pupnat, this is my recommendation for things to do:

Hiking around Pupnat

If you are into hiking or walking, there are plenty of old hiking trails around the village. The location on the Pupnat, nested in the middle of the island, among hills, is the ideal starting spot for various hikes. Some hikes are leading towards local vineyards, like the one below:

Local vineyards viewed from hiking trail
Above photo: Local vineyards viewed from the hiking trail

while others lead to nearby villages, like this one below that leads to Kneza (Kneze) village, from where amazing views are on offer – have a look:

Views over hills and archipelago from road to Pupnat
Above photo: Views over hills and archipelago from road to Pupnat

Some hikes can be very short but still offer lovely views, like this one that takes you up the road to the village graveyard of Sveti Jurje that features the tiny church dating from the 14th century, while a longer hike can take you to Zrnovo, another lovely village to visit.

Village graveyard Sveti Jurje
Above photo: Village graveyard

Beaches nearby

Pupnatska Luka and Bačva are the nearest beaches to the village, both featuring lovely pebbles and clear seawater. Beach Bar Mate, Konoba Mijo, and Snack Bar Bačva are small beach bars/restaurants situated right at the beach, offering food and refreshments. Both beaches are best accessed by car or scooter. If you are a good cyclist, get there by bike but bear in mind that the return to the village may be very steep. The alternative is to take a taxi (cost 30 euro)


weather in pupnat

Where to Eat

There are a couple of nice local restaurants in the village as well as a couple of them in the nearby bays Pupnatska Luka and Bačva. Konoba Mate and Konoba Pagar are popular village places to eat (Pagar Facebook page & Mate Facebook page). Also, consider tapas (konoba) Konopica, a few km away.

Popular Routes: Split to Korcula, Korcula to Split, Dubrovnik to Korcula, Korcula to Dubrovnik

Pupnat village
Above photo: Pupnat village

Where to Stay

The village is secluded and quiet, ideal for those looking to get away from busy places. It is ideal for you if you love cycling, hiking, and walking. There are several houses in the village that offer accommodation, while some are situated in the nearby bays like these two:

views over valley and village
Above photo: views over valley and village

Getting here

Regular local bus routes run from all villages as well as from Vela Luka and Korcula town. Renting a car or scooter can be more convenient but using local transport is also fine. Check more about getting to the island.